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I'm Natia Kartvelishvili

Life and Business Coaching

Changing your focus changes everything 

I am empowering individuals and business leaders in three areas:

1. Helping you to stay focused on those things you find of most worth.

2. Consciously determining how to best move forward—even in the most challenging stages of your life

3. Practicing Energy Leadership coaching by iPEC. It's all about your focus and wise energy investment. 

For organizations:

  • Decision Coaching

  • Energy Leadership coaching by iPEC 

  • Supporting OKRs Implementation.

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Areas of Expertise

Mindset Theory (MT); Critical thinking (R.Paul); Cognitive Linguistics (N. Chomsky, J. Lakoff); Neuroscience (D. Denett, A. Domacio); Theory of Multiple Intelligence (G. Gardner); Emotional Intelligence (D. Goleman; P. Saloway), P.E.R.M.A Wellbeing (M. Seligman); Psychological Wellbeing (Carol D. Riff), Spiral Dynamics (K. Graves), Intentional change theory (Richard Boyatzis) and the 7 Habits of highly effective people (Stephen R. Covey), OKR (Objective & Key Results) framework for businesses.

Co-author of the Wellbeing Intelligence (WI) model.

 iPEC Energy Leadership™ ​- I am part of iPEC (The Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) ICF-certified coaching program and Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). It’s about helping individuals to lead their energy so that it works for them, rather than against. People learn to make change happen in real time by accessing the optimal energy most appropriate for their goal. 

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Key achievements

  • The clients I work with in the long term highlight the improvement in their quality of life. They becoming more open to explore and staying focused on those things they find of most worth. 

  • I hold 18+ years of experience in the field of leadership and strategic business development at ABBYY, SmartCat, Paragon Software, Sibedge, owned startups and other international companies. This helps me in executive and business coaching as I understand core business categories.


  • Lecturer in MBA programs. 

  • I love what I am doing. 

  • I am continuously developing at the International Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). One of the leading international coaching training organisations in the world today.

  • I've already lived in 3 different countries. Cultivating international mindset.

  • I interact with clients from Eastern and Western Europe. Also, Singapore, Georgia, UAE and other countries. 95% of returning customers.


  • I support the ethical standards of The International Coaching Federation (ICF) - ICF Code of Ethics.

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Andre Henry, General Manager at Nestle, France

This is to testify the great support I got from Natia KARTVELISHVILI as a coach in a tough transition period of my life.

In the past year, many things happened in my life both private and professionally. So, if like me, many questions come to you because of various circumstances of life, I’m confident that she will successfully help you to be the best version of yourself to achieve your Goals.

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Zohn Ho, Corporate Coaching Director at La Prairie Group AG, Switzerland

Working with Natia has opened a new world of self-discovery and understanding. The Mastery process is structured and easy to navigate. She has in-depth knowledge and experience to direct me in the discovery journey. It helps me to discover interesting insights and resources to enrich my personal development. After a session with her, I felt enriched and empowered with the experience

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Anna (McKenzie) Siebel, Expat Family Support, Germany

It was my absolute pleasure to be coached by Natia in July 2021. Natia is an insightful coach that always knows exactly what question to ask to go a bit deeper. She does this gently and with permission and manages by this technique to bring to light those hidden blocks that are holding us back. The combination of her knowledge of cognitive functions, life experience and coaching skills is unique and allows her and the client to travel seemingly effortlessly between a high level overview and back down to a precise pinpoint

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Linda Lanyon, PhD, Neuroscientist, Sweden

It was a pleasure to be coached by Natia. She has a warm and friendly style, and is obviously skilled in relationship coaching. She helped me understand and focus on what I want as the broader picture beyond particular issues I have with an individual person. I recommend Natia as a wonderful coach. She is passionate about what she does and this shines through in the way she coaches.


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Your are welcome to run an online, free introductory 30-minute session, which simply allows for us to meet, chat and for you get a feel for if you might want to work with me. It’s also a chance for me to learn more about your background and goals so I can coach you, better. 

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