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My Approach

For individuals 

If you feel like it’s becoming harder and harder to stay focused, you’re not alone. Every successful individual has struggled with how to stay focused when their attention is being pulled in a hundred directions. With my coaching services, you’ll 


  • stay focused on those things you find of most worth

  • make clearer decisions 

  • reduce stress level

  • get unstuck and make changes easier.

- so you can feel good about it and move forward to your goals infinitely faster!  

For businesses

  • What is a key area of our business or team to focus?

  • How to consciously lead changes?

  • How to increase employees engagement?

  • How to empower employees by addressing areas that cause them stress or overwhelm?

  • How to energize the talents and help them to create great days at work?

  • How to create well-being and goal-oriented culture?

We can help you with those occasions. 
  • Together with the team of Spiral Growth Coaching / Ireland, we adopt a well-established P.E.R.M.A. Wellbeing model and iPEC Energy Leadership™ coaching to create a space where people feel safe to experiment, achieve new goals, keep work & life balance and learn. 

  • We are enabling any organization to implement OKRs (Objective & Key Results) framework and build supportive environment to grow. OKRs provide the missing link between ambition and reality. They help you break the status quo and take you into new, often unknown, territory. People achieve remarkable results when they’re engaged with a purpose. OKR helps communicate the bigger picture in a way everyone understands.

Stages of cooperation


Identification and clarification of the business request and the goals. For diagnostics we use deep interviews, surveys, round tables. ​As the result we are having a clear commitment based on business strategy, goals and expert diagnostics. 


Usually it takes 7-9 business days

Business program implementation

Implementation of the chosen program in the format of strategic sessions, online / offline workshops and team coaching. 

We start measuring engagement & satisfaction levels as well as we fix current business snapshot in the area of the improvement.


Generally, it takes from 2 to 4 modules per 3-6 months.  1 MODULE = FROM 4 HOURS TO 6 HOURS.

Supportive environment 

Together with the client, we create a supportive environment in the form of short online seminars / workshops or coaching 1:1 sessions. We provide individual or group coaching with change agents. At the end we measure engagement & satisfaction levels and see the dynamics of the progress in the area of the improvement. 

Total duration:  4,5 hours per participant (during 2-3 months).

Wellbeing Intelligence (WI) model
I practice a systematic approach in coaching where the mind, brain/body and emotions make up an interconnected live-system. Please have a look at Wellbeing Intelligence (WI) model, which helps to integrate mind, brain/body and emotions.
wellbeing waves-eng-100_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
Brain. Plasticity 

A journey into the world of amazing possibilities of neuroplasticity of the brain will allow you to form new neural networks that will help you in growth. In 1:1 sessions, I pay special attention to the development of cognitive functions: attention, perception, imagination, memory and thinking. I help you to achieve positive, long-term, measurable changes in behaviour so that changes become part of your life.

For an organization brain/body is the organizational structure and the processes. Changes at this level allow to increase capacity of the whole system.

Emotions. Emotional Intelligence (EI)

We observe emotions and identify what thoughts behind them turn you down. As there is a response of the body to a negative thought, we can experience anxiety, apathy, anger and other negative emotions, our limbic system includes the mechanism of "hit-run-freeze" and immediately puts into the actions. At cognitive level we can co-create thoughts you can rely on and move forward. As a result, you will be able to do a lot of things with more joy and creativity and be in harmonious relationships with yourself and others. 

At working environment we are under increasing pressure to expand the quality of work and ability to compete in the workplace that is continuously changing. These changes involve increased dependency on social skills and new technologies, continuous competency development, risk-taking, networking, and innovation. They also include changes in company structure and relationships, such as reduced hierarchies, blurred boundaries, moves to teams as basic building blocks, and increased complexity of work. The new studies found that the results indicate that workers with higher EI have higher job satisfaction, higher organizational commitment, and are less likely to change jobs. Another recent study has found statistically significant positive relationships between EI, empowering leadership, psychological empowerment and work engagement. 

Mind. Congnitive flexibility

You will learn how to develop new cognitive competencies that will help you cope with changes at a new level. You will receive a set of practices and tools given to you specifically to maintain a balance between “yourself” and the environment and implement the ideas you have conceived. We will work with our values, with believe system, individual conceptions we rely on and our competencies. We will discover different types of mindset: fixed, growth, benefit. 

My Approach
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