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I’m privileged to learn so much from my clients!




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Andre Henry, General Manager at Nestle, France

This is to testify the great support I got from Natia KARTVELISHVILI as a coach in a tough transition period of my life.

In the past year, many things happened in my life both private and professionally. So, if like me, many questions come to you because of various circumstances of life, I’m confident that she will successfully help you to be the best version of yourself to achieve your Goals.


Ieva Malone, Business Owner, Irland

Working with Natia as a coach on a one-to-one basis was one of my best decisions. Her gentle style, support and insight have helped me tremendously. I was dealing with a lot of self-doubt and fear about stepping into my dream career and facing the uncertainty. Natia created a safe space for me to express my concerns and helped me to connect with my purpose, inner strength and belief.

I had a few powerful insights that shifted my paradigm completely. It changed the way I view myself and my situation and helped me to make peace with my decisions.


Natia is an exceptionally masterful coach, and I highly recommend working with her.

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Zohn Ho, Corporate Coaching Director at La Prairie Group AG, Switzerland  

Working with Natia has opened a new world of self-discovery and understanding. The Mastery process is structured and easy to navigate. She has in-depth knowledge and experience to direct me in the discovery journey. It helps me to discover interesting insights and resources to enrich my personal development. After a session with her, I felt enriched and empowered with the experience

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Anna (McKenzie) Siebel, Expat Family Support, Germany

It was my absolute pleasure to be coached by Natia in July 2021. Natia is an insightful coach that always knows exactly what question to ask to go a bit deeper. She does this gently and with permission and manages by this technique to bring to light those hidden blocks that are holding us back. The combination of her knowledge of cognitive functions, life experience and coaching skills is unique and allows her and the client to travel seemingly effortlessly between a high level overview and back down to a precise pinpoint

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Linda Lanyon, PhD, Neuroscientist, Sweden

It was a pleasure to be coached by Natia. She has a warm and friendly style, and is obviously skilled in relationship coaching. She helped me understand and focus on what I want as the broader picture beyond particular issues I have with an individual person. I recommend Natia as a wonderful coach. She is passionate about what she does and this shines through in the way she coaches.

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Alex Kalinin, CEO & co-owner at Sibedge

We started working with Wellbeing Waves in 2019. In the course of joint work on the development of corporate culture: strengthening pragmatism and horizontal management, we were able to change our vision of organizational well-being and came to results that are significant for business.


I am confident that while working with Wellbeing Waves, we have been able to better understand where we are, see our risks and opportunities, and adjust a three-year strategy that supports both our people and our business priorities.

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Kirill Podgorny, Marketing Director at ESET, Slovakia

For the last 2 years we’ve been working with Natia. I feel very grateful because this has become an important part of my life and I can see the benefits of coaching. Now I’ve got the ability to increase my self-awareness and meet the goals I set for myself. Natia helped me to bring clarity and widen my perspective.

During this time, I’d like to highlight the significant changes: I’ve become more calm and confident, my reactivity has decreased. My horizon of seeing myself and others has expanded. Relations have improved, new meanings and even new-level achievements in work and business have appeared. 

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Daria Frangopulova, Growth marketing manager at Sibedge, Georgia

Before the workshop I did't know how to create a fulfilling relationship. I began to use familiar and understandable behaviour for me over and over again. During the workshop, we examined the difference between codependent and independent relationships and mindsets, talked about the importance of vision between partners. We also considered the evolution of relationships and much more. Each of the participants shared their viewpoints and gave the different angles of view on the situation, shared their experiences and advised other approaches. After the vision I know that I am able to create the relationship that I want, and at the same time, I could see and consider the uniqueness of my partner.

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